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Well that was unexpected… Thanks Gort.




When will we know who our Margo is going to be?!?!?

Since I’m an executive producer on the Paper Towns movie, I actually have quite a bit more say in casting than I did for The Fault in Our Stars (although I think the TFIOS cast is perfect).

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Oh yes finally! 

My character in Wildstar is 2 fab 4 u.

My character in Wildstar is 2 fab 4 u.

Yeee, sonisphere in Oslo was great! 

Well then… Back to league i go

Well then… Back to league i go


Trey visited and made all the ovaries in the office explode! (X)

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Anonymous asked, "You ought to donate some of the money that the tfios movie makes to cancer charities"


I’ve been getting this question a lot, and I definitely understand it.

First off, Sarah and I do donate both to organizations that fund cancer research and to organizations that support people living with cancer in other ways, and we’ll continue to do so.

Our personal giving is focused on organizations fighting global poverty, childhood illness, and gender inequality, but we do donate to cancer-related charities.

But it’s important to understand that I do not get money from ticket sales of The Fault in Our Stars movie. (This is true for almost all authors, and it’s okay with me, because I did not make the movie.) I was paid for the movie rights when filming began, and I’d get a bonus if the movie did amazingly well, but I don’t get a percentage of ticket sales or anything. 

So just to be clear, I am not promoting the TIOS movie because I’ll make money if it does well; I’m promoting it because I genuinely love it and am very proud of the people who made it. 

Sarah and I are committed to what Hank calls “secular tithing,” in which we donate a consistent percentage of our income to nonprofit organizations. That will continue, but we do that giving privately.

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Ghost - Death Knell

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Dream Theater studio album discography


Dream Theater studio album discography

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Prog metal is love. Prog metal is life.

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Guild Wars 2